Once upon a time, writer Thomas Ward decided he wanted to be a stand up comedian. So he hit the road, taking stand-up gigs wherever he could get them. That road eventually led to a shitty gig at a hotel in International Falls, Minnesota. Despite the warm heckling from the Canadians, Thomas found himself alone in a hotel room asking, “What’s the point?”

Thomas quit doing stand up shortly after, but he locked away that experience. Ten years later he wrote a play inspired by that night that premiered in Dallas, TX and eventually went on to successful runs in Portland, OR and New York City with Thomas and his wife Sherry often performing the lead roles of Tim and Dee. Critics said it was “tragically funny “ and “full of crackling humor and aching sadness.”

Thomas eventually got the idea to adapt the script into a screenplay, and pitched it to Amber—a former theatre colleague turned filmmaker—to direct. That was about a year ago. Since then the script and team have slowly evolved into what it is today: a collective of passionate storytellers carving out their place in the world.